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    特點說明(Machine characteristics)::

    1、 機器采用進口原件,完成切斷電線、剝皮、端子壓著、捻線等,動作精準,操作簡單,性能穩定,省人工。

    2、 壓線滾輪松緊、切刀深度采用微調旋扭調整,簡易快捷,或步進調速兩種。

    3、 全程剝皮長度直接由觸摸屏菜單面板設定。***佳特點為:技術性能調整快、調整時間短、操作簡方便。

    1、 The machine adoption importses a component and completes to cut off electric wire, peel, the terminal press, stranding wire etc., act precise, operation simple, performance stabilization, save manual.

    2、 Press wire roller loose tight, slice knife depth adoption trim the Xuan twist tune, simple and fast, or the stepping velocity modulation is 2 kinds.

    3、 The whole distance peels length directly to hold menu panel from the touch setting.The best characteristics is:Technique performance the tune is quick and adjust time short, operation Chien convenience.

    機械規格Machinery specification: